Client Reviews

John C. Cook Reviews

I was looking for an employment lawyer in Northern VA to pursue a potential wrongful discharge law suit. After John reviewed the VA and federal statues, we concluded that direct negotiations with the employer was needed. Principally, we wanted modification of the company's non-compete proposal. That objective was successfully achieved by John's direct negotiation with the Company's attorney. 

- Ron

John Cook was my attorney. He truly helped me go through a very difficult time by following through and making the right decisions. All along, I felt I was in good hands. The whole team was very professional and customer service oriented. More importantly, I felt very secure trusting them to do everything in their power to protect and defend my interests.

- Nadia

Christopher T. Craig Reviews

Mr. Craig was very helpful, professional, and communicative. I have already recommended him to one other person with similar needs regarding the disposition of an estate.

- Anonymous

Alanna C. Williams Reviews

Wise, Kind and Principled 

After meeting with several attorneys to represent me in my divorce, I knew immediately that Alanna and I would work well together. I was up against an individual who was not kind, nor rational, and my children stood in the middle. While Alanna was gentle with me as I went through some very emotionally difficult times, her unwavering conviction to represent truth served as a great reminder to myself that confidence goes a long way, especially when you have truth on your side. Alanna is professional, quick to respond and articulate. The way she handled communications with opposing counsel kept our case out of trial and put out the fires the other side repeatedly attempted to start. She was reassuring and calming. I will continue to seek legal advice from Alanna when necessary in the future. Highly, highly recommended.

- Julia 

Phenomenal Representation! 

Alanna Williams is simply the best attorney anyone could have representing them - period. She has single-handedly saved me and my family unneeded worry, enormous amounts of money, and a superb trial attorney and negotiator. I can proudly say I was her 1st client 17 years ago and we've continued to use her in many family matters up until a few months ago. My wife and I could write a book on how good she is, but two things I'll share. 1) you will not find a better attorney that has little to no ego and is an "active listener" to what you want to do. She will give you tough love answers though. 2) I watched her hand write a two page agreement outside a courtroom on the spot and have both parties sign - this document was filed that day at Fairfax County Courthouse. She said "no time for folks to change minds, so let's get it done." I was the one being represented and saved me a fortune in the long run. Frankly speaking, the only reason we gave the last firm she worked with any business was because of her. Not being critical, but she is that good of a person and attorney!

- Marty

Incredible Support

Ms. Alanna Williams is an incredible lawyer. I recently went through a divorce from a 29 year marriage and Ms. Williams was a true professional with everything that she did for me. Her knowledge about the law was on-point and she was able to guide me and cover everything I needed for my family and my financial portfolio. She was extremely responsive and answered any questions that I had, and there were many! She truly cared about my situation and made sure that I was informed and made the best decisions for my future. I would recommend Ms. Alanna Williams because she will be a tremendous asset with any legal issues you might have!

- Patricia

My Trusted Source for Legal Advice

To have Alanna represent me in a case pertaining to my two children was not only the best money spent but a true blessing because she helped me state my case and help win the outcome that served the best interest of my children. I hope I won't be needing her services again but if that ever becomes a necessity in the future Alanna is whom I will call.

- Harold

A Court Room Barracuda 

I can't say enough about Williams! She is no nonsense and truly takes care of her clients! She allows you to have the emotions needed in preparing your case. But SHE is definitely your business side. She educates you thoroughly on the court process and manages your expectations! If you're looking to go up against someone who intimidates you--no matter the gender--SHE IS YOUR ATTORNEY! Well respected by her peers too when I did my homework. She's a force to be reckoned with and someone you can rely on if questions arise for years to come. She did such a great job for my children and me that I have had several calls from friends and colleagues asking who I used--they wanted HER specifically. They hired Ms. Williams and were overwhelmingly pleased!!!

- Kim

Excellent Counsel 

Alanna assisted me not once, but twice now with divorce matters. She provides excellent counsel and is extremely knowledge and professional, while also being sympathetic to the situation. I trust her and highly recommend her services.

- Amanda

Broderick C. Dunn Reviews

Career in Jeopardy and I Needed a Great Attorney 

I had been working at a software company for almost three years when a recruiter reached out to me from another software company. I interviewed at the company and was later presented a fantastic offer, which provided me a promotion and a larger compensation plan. I put in my resignation with my employer and began working at the new company. A few days later I was served with a complaint alleging I was violating the non-disclosure, non-compete and non-solicitation clauses in my former employment agreement. The former company was threatening me with monetary damages and even a possible injunction that would keep me from working in the software industry.

Needless to say, I was anxious and needed a great attorney. I had consulted with several and then had a meeting with Mr. Dunn. He was knowledgeable, aggressive and provided me some peace in that he and his firm had the situation under control. He communicated with me some weeks on a daily basis and always provided me with a detailed review of the path forward and all of my options.

Mr. Dunn was absolutely brilliant in reaching a successful resolution. I highly recommend him.

- Anonymous

Broderick Dunn Deserves 10 Stars!

Broderick represented me in an employment law case for a hostile work environment. He and his team made the process easy and communicated well with me. Everyone in the office is professional, kind and anxious to assist you. Broderick gave me a good idea of what to expect at each stage of the process and what documentation I needed to provide him. In addition, he gave me sage advice on how to conduct myself at work. His common sense approach guided me, especially on identifying which battles we should pick with my employer's inept management team. I was always able to reach Broderick with new developments and concerns. I appreciated Broderick always told me when he could speak to me, and followed through on his promise, during a stressful period in my life. He was steady, consistent, kind and the best advocate you could find. Broderick is a thoroughly decent person, a good listener and an astute judge of character. It was so comforting to have a calm, intelligent and confident attorney in my corner. Broderick brought quick resolution to my issue. He skillfully and diplomatically communicated the issues with the corporate attorney in a single email and phone call. The problem employee was removed from a shared office within 24 hours and permanently reassigned to a different location. It was magic! 

A good attorney can avoid a long protracted battle by concisely communicating the issues. I have no doubt Broderick's diplomacy preserved my professional relationships with management and allowed me to continue on my career path with a quick and satisfying resolution. I grew extremely fond of Broderick and miss his quick wit, that never failed to help me see the humor and smile, his calm temperament and his commitment to his clients. He is a wonderful person and the best attorney you could ever find to represent your interests. I wish Broderick was a member of my family or circle of friends, he is such a special person and gifted attorney.

- Beth

Best Employment Law Representation 

Mr. Dunn is a thoughtful, strategic, and capable attorney. I hired him to represent me in an employment law matter with grave personal stakes. At every turn, I felt confident in his ability to fully and robustly represent me. His grasp of law procedure and how to strategically deploy it is unparalleled. He repeatedly demonstrated an understanding of my overall goals and needs when providing his strategic advice about the development of the case. He did such an incredible job securing my resolution that I've recommended his services to other professionals facing difficult employment law cases.

- Anonymous

Excellent Guidance, Reasonable Fees, Great Responsiveness 

I hired Broderick for an employment settlement case. He was able to get a 50+% increase in monetized settlement from the original offer. The services cost less than expected (which he also got covered) and the settlement closed in 45 days.

Excellent attorney - highly recommend!

- Chris

Hi , I  would like to post regarding my experience with Attorney Mr. Dunn. My experience was excellent all around. I was referred to Mr. Dunn from another local law firm and he did a excellent job for me and won my case expediently. I paid for a initial consultation and It was only supposed to be an hour and it lasted 2 hours with no extra charge. He was very responsive and professional and  always returned my calls very fast. My case was handled very well and the fees were very reasonable especially for the excellent service I received. I have already sent him and his firm more clients and I will continue to do so. Thank you again Broderick !!!!

- Joel

Broderick Dunn was the bright spot of a series of very challenging legal situations that my wife and I found ourselves in with two corrupt home builders. He guided us ably through complicated, high stress situations, each of which came to the best resolutions possible. Broderick was highly responsive, empathetic, patient and knowledgeable.

- Anonymous

Broderick Dunn has provided knowledgeable, effective guidance on labor issues on multiple occasions.

- Larry

I worked with Broderick Dunn. I had a very positive experience. I also received a partial refund for money that wasn’t used. 

- Erica

Broderick had represented me in a case against my former employer. He never hesitated to take my calls, answer emails no matter when it was. He was calming, reassuring and professional. I would hire him again without any concerns what so ever!

- Anonymous

Broderick represented me against a large corporation when I was sexually assaulted. Due to the delicate nature of the case, I was hesitant to consult an attorney in the first place. He was discreet, compassionate, and an incredible advocate on my behalf. Not only did he negotiate a generous settlement, he also was able to refer me to counseling services that have been helpful on my journey to recovery. Thank you Broderick!

- Anonymous

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