Covid-19 and its Effect on Spousal and Child Support

By: Alanna Williams

As the unemployment lines grow by the thousands each day, people are unable to make their rent and mortgage payments, let alone their support obligations.

The courts are currently closed, and even if they were open, judges will not throw people in jail for not making their support obligation due to the loss of their job, through no fault of their own. In Virginia, the courts have temporarily ceased hearing evictions and foreclosures.

For most people, this is a temporary set-back. In the next few months, people will go back to work. As difficult as it may be, this is a time we need to work together and be creative. For example, instead of paying $1,500.00 in monthly support, you may want to consider accepting $750.00 a month until your ex resumes working and then agree that he/she will make up the arrearage over time. If your ex is commissioned based, you may consider giving him/her an abatement for the next few months if they agree to pay you a percentage of their commissions once they begin working again.

During this time Virginia is offering resources such as Virginia Department of Social Services.

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