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You try to dress appropriately for the workplace.  Yet your boss, or a co-worker, makes repeated comments about your appearance.  Your boss asks you to come to his house to pick up some paperwork.  Once you are there, he says the papers are in the bedroom.  You follow him in to retrieve them, and he grabs you.  Or maybe you go to talk to your boss about a raise, and he suggests the two of you go out after work to get to know each other better.

That’s #MeToo. 

A few years ago, “MeToo” exploded into the forefront of media coverage when some well-known people were accused of improper sexual conduct.  But those allegations were not new to tens of thousands of women nationwide who have endured sexual harassment and other improper conduct ever since they entered the workplace.  The passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 finally made such conduct a violation of the law, and the Civil Rights Act Amendments of 1991 gave victims the right to a trial by jury and award of compensatory damages.  Yet, this conduct continues.

Our firm represents women who are demoted, fired, or otherwise professionally retaliated against for refusing the sexual advances of their supervisors or co-workers; who are subjected to sexual assaults or other sexual harassment at work; or who are negatively-affected by an "old boys" club mentality. We fight the "old boys’ network" for our clients. We bring both our negotiating skills and our litigation experience to the table to give you the best and broadest representation possible, no matter what your situation may be.  If you are caught in such a situation at work, we are here to help.

More broadly speaking, once you bring such a case in court, “#MeToo” refers to the opportunity to bring into evidence other allegations of misconduct against the person who treated you inappropriately, or others in the workplace who have been the subject of other complaints.  Often, we have found, if there is one case of sexual harassment in the workplace, there are others.  Some employers have “gotten the memo” and cleaned up their act, and others haven’t.  Our attorneys are savvy trial lawyers.  They will find the evidence you need to win in court.    

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